So, my girlfriend, Maya, just left for British Columbia. She didn’t go on vacation, she didn’t go for a semester abroad, she went to live there…indefinitely. And that really sucks. We decided long distance wouldn’t work out. We decided that we both couldn’t handle it. I’m still wrestling with that decision. Did we make the right choice? Should we have fought harder? Does it really even matter?

I don’t know anyone who’s ever made long distance work. I talked to a lot of people about it too. One of my coworkers told me that she’d tried it and her boyfriend ended up cheating on her. I talked to two other friends who got cheated on by their significant others, and one who actually did the cheating. I know one person who made it last for two years and then broke it off because it was too taxing. And I get that. I get why it would be taxing.

Maya and I, we talked about everything. That first night she told me about the move, we made a pros and cons list, because that’s what mature couples do. Needless to say, the cons list was a whole lot longer. It was smart to end it. I mean I’d only known her for 7 months. We’d only been official for a month and a half. It was barely even a thing, right? Better to end it now than to get further attached and heartbroken later on, right? Right?

Anyway, she’s gone now. I dropped her off at the airport…and it hurt. It hurt to watch her leave. It hurt knowing that I might never see her again. It physically hurt. It was sort of like when your friend changes their Netflix password without telling you and they’re not replying to their texts so you can’t binge watch Rom-Coms anymore. Thanks a lot, Nikhil.

4 thoughts on “Saying No To Long Distance

  1. As long as there is no distance between your hearts, being physically far apart is of no consequence. Umar and I made it work, you could have too, but I guess your love just wasn’t as strong.


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