First Impressions

First Impressions

We’re a generation that lives off first impressions. We’re a generation that bases everything off of first impressions. We’re superficial. Very rarely do we make the effort to get to know someone at a deeper level. We hide from vulnerability. We hide from meaningful connections. We change people like we change socks.

Social media plays a big part in this. It’s so easy to connect with people nowadays. You can be sitting at home in Canada and be talking to someone you met online who lives in Portugal. And that’s led to us having a lot of people we talk to, but not having a whole lot of friends. It’s also led to us dropping our friends at the slightest inconvenience because we know we can just go online and start up a chat with someone new.

Social media has also given us unrealistic expectations on how our life is supposed to be. We see all these individuals on social media who seem to have their life together based on the pictures they post of their cars or of their vacations and whatnot. And we think that’s all that their life is; cars and vacations. But that’s just their first impression.

Essentially, we’ve become lost. We’re so conditioned to wanting that life, that the second we see some sort of crack in ours, instead of trying to fix it, we try to change everything up. We want our whole life to look like a celebrity’s Instagram page. We want people who add value to our life, not stress, but with people, most times you have to take the good with the bad.

You see, people are going to put up fronts all the time when they meet new people. They’ll put on acts to appeal to that person. A good first impression is always important, but first impressions are hard to maintain, whether good or bad. You can’t always be that funny, or that clumsy, or that laid back. You’re a human being. You’re not going to have it together every hour of every day…and that’s alright. That has to be alright.


Why I Gym

Why I Gym

I’ve always been the skinny kid; always. I was tall and lanky in elementary school and that didn’t change throughout middle school or high school. I never used to go to the gym. I played sports but the gym wasn’t really my thing.

I ended up starting the gym a year ago, and the reason I started is not the reason why most people start. I didn’t do it to get girls. I didn’t do it to get “huge”, per say. I did it because my life was a mess a year ago. And that’s the best way for me to put it, I think. My life became a mess based on two key things; my grades and my relationship.

Let’s talk about grades first. My first year of University had been bad; grades wise. I’d been on residence and my grades had taken the hit for it. So, come second year, I was determined to boost my GPA up. I had a goal in mind and I studied like crazy for it. I stopped going out. I rarely ever went to a party. It became all about school work. I ended up falling short of my goal.

Next up, my relationship. Around that time was when my girlfriend and I switched from the “Honeymoon” phase to the “Let’s Fight Everyday” phase. It was on both of us. We were both wrong for each other and we took it out on each other accordingly. I didn’t wanna just throw in the towel though. So I would try. I tried giving her more of my time, I tried buying her gifts, I tried planning more romantic dates, and all that culminated in her cheating on me.

Now, you might be wondering how those two events relate to me starting up the gym. Well, here’s the way I saw it. I had put all this effort into getting my ideal GPA, and I didn’t have anything to show for it. I had put all this effort into making it work with my girlfriend, and I didn’t have anything to show for that either. With the gym, it’s really about how much you put into it. It looked to me as the first thing in my life where all my hard work and effort wouldn’t go wasted. The amount of effort I would put into working out, would be the amount of result I would end up seeing, and that’s proved to be true.

I’d just become so tired of trying and trying and having nothing good come out of it. I needed a sure thing, and the gym became, or has become, my sure thing.