My plan for this summer was very simple. I was going to work. That was it. I wasn’t going to go out every weekend. I wasn’t going to travel anywhere. I was just going to work. Day in, day out, for 4 months.

I don’t exactly know why I decided to do that. I wasn’t saving up for anything. I wasn’t trying to buy a new car or a new phone or something. I suppose I just wanted to make money.

Now, I’m 3 months into my brilliant plan and I’m slowly but surely going crazy. I love the city of Toronto, but recently, it’s felt like hell to me. I feel like a caged animal. Every thing seems to be bothering me, no matter how little. Every Subway delay gets me frustrated. Every time it rains, I get pissed off. Every time a customer asks me if a regularly priced item is on sale, I want to erupt.

It’s awful. My life has deteriorated into this mundane pattern where I go to work, go back home, and then repeat it all the next day. I want to escape it. I want to fly away somewhere. I want to explore a new city and go on adventures. I don’t want to have to worry about whether a customer is taking in 7 or 8 items into the fitting room. I can’t deal with that anymore.

I started looking at airplane tickets yesterday, but with only a month left until school starts up again, I don’t really have a whole lot of time to properly plan something out. But I’m determined now. I need to get out of Toronto, if only for a brief moment.

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