Fights are unavoidable. Whether it’s with your family or your friends or your significant other. Everyone’s just different, and these differences lead to misunderstandings and miscommunications and downright pettiness. It can be difficult to compromise sometimes. It can be difficult to understand the viewpoints of other people.

Everyone has their own ways of dealing with conflict. Certain people will write letters to the person they’re upset with and will hide those letters until the next day and see whether they’ve cooled off or not. Other people will keep their feelings strictly to themselves and just live with it. Then there are the people who will lash out directly and will argue or fight their way into a resolution; different solutions for different people.

When you’re angry, you tend to want to say things that you shouldn’t say, and once you’ve said those things, it’s hard to come back from that. You can try, and sometimes it works, but other times there’s always that underlying awkwardness of the truth that came out between you two when you were both hyped up on dopamine.

I’ve lost a large number of people due to some sort of conflict. Sometimes, it was them acting like an idiot. More often it was me acting like an idiot. And very rarely did the people I lose find their ways back into my life.

I’ve seen numerous friend groups break apart due to fights. One of mine did. I remember having this one friend group from high school that consisted of 5 people. We’re basically down to 2.5 now which makes Twister much less fun to play.

It’s tough losing people because of conflict. But it’s also inevitable.

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